Castle Park Investments, LLC


Our mission is to create superior risk-adjusted returns for investors by providing access to highly resilient real estate subsectors through an efficient operational process.

In September 2020, Castle Park Investments, LLC was formed with seasoned Mortgaged Backed Securities Traders and Real Estate Professionals with an objective of acquiring a portfolio to improve, and manage Manufactured Housing Communities and RV Resorts across the United States.

Our Portfolio

Manufactured Housing Communities

Recent economic struggles have worsened the affordable housing crisis nationwide, and manufactured housing presents a solution with the lowest threshold to homeownership for retiring baby boomers and growing families. This provides a notable tailwind that populates the properties and makes their volatility low compared to other real estate sectors.

RV Resorts and Luxury Campgrounds

RV resorts and Campgrounds have been experiencing an uptick in occupancy due to the significant increase in RV ownership across all consumer types. In addition, RV Resorts and Campgrounds can generate significant revenue from ancillary sources such as cabin rentals, general store product sales, food services, amusement park-like amenities, resort activities, among other revenue-generating amenities.

nationwide expansion

The Castle Park Advantage

We have a proprietary database of communities across the country and a team dedicated to finding off-market deals and developing owner relationships. Through this direct negotiating process, we can secure acquisitions at values that are simultaneously fair to the seller yet attractive to investors and build a pipeline of acquisitions with an enhanced opportunity for compounding returns over time.

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Giving Back

Part of Castle Park’s mission is to give back to the communities we invest in by:

  • Donating directly to the local communities we invest in.
  • Working with community leaders and local officials to improve the quality of life for our tenants.

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